Welcome to a 2018 and a new year of 3D archery!!

High Tech Archery Range is located  just off Highway 24 in Moulton, Alabama.  We offer a 3D course for both practice and for tournament archery on specified weekends.  We'd like to invite you and the whole family to come and check us out. We think you'll have fun and we know you'll learn to be a better hunter with the practice you get shooting a 3D course.

We have a lot of things going on this year .  Our first shoot is coming up in March.  We're also sponsoring a special Benefit Shoot for the "Catch a Dream" Foundation which will be held at the H.A. Alexander Park  off Court Street in Moulton.  We feel strongly about making the world a better place and  this shoot, held in May, will positively impact someone's life in ways we can't imagine.  If you can help with obtaining door prizes or in running the shoot, let us know. 

Our 3D range operates according to ASA rules. However, there were a lot of changes to ASA's competitions in 2010 so we'll be trying to give you a good simulation of what an ASA tournament would be like, as best we can. We typically have 20 targets at unknown distances, although we may be adding to that with some known distance targets.

We also have target bails at 20, 30 and 40 yards for warming up.

From time to time, some of our shoots are Team Shoots.  For these shoots, we create teams of approximately equal abilities, we allow team members to talk about yardage, and encourage the use of strategy in trying to get the highest team score.  Usually one score of the group is not used so there is much less pressure to make every shot perfect. This is a great way to have fun shooting and still try to beat the other teams.  Novices get to shoot with the pro's and can learn or ask questions. Check our schedule for when these shoots are going to be held this year.

We also have a restroom facility, and usually have burgers, drinks, and snacks available for purchase. 

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